Title: Surrender (Piano Version)
Artist: Digital Daggers
Played: 6175 times

you can only push someone so far before they break.



I just need this in my life

she wasn’t some monster. she was just a girl.



        ~†~ “Can’t you see what I’ve done? Yet, you still chose to stay with me! I don’t want you here! Leave, now.. and you’ll be safe from me.”

         ~"If you’re all I have to worry about, then I’ll be just fine."



So that means we should make out, right?”

"Oh, right." He took a step closer, slowly cupping her face in his hands before leaning down and lightly kissing her. 

It was a stretch, but Carrie got on her toes and pushed harder against him, wanting more than what he was showing her. Her fingers traced over his collarbones before tangling into his colorful hair.

Anonymous asked: "Rough day?" Carrie murmured, running her fingers through Jason's soft hair. Noticing the static, she sighed and touched his cheek. "One day you're going to hurt yourself with the whole lightning thing." [thatsnotmyxname]


"Won’t." Jason muttered, "I’m immune to lightning."

She flinched at the shock of the electricity still flickering off him. “Well I’m not. What am I supposed to do if I can’t touch you without zapping myself?”


"So what you’re saying is that you want to fuck, but just as friends?" 


"That is what ‘friends with benefits’ means, right?"